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Celebrity News & Gossip

Is Robin Hood a Gambler?

After the new Robin Hood movie came out the lead actor Russell Crow admitted that he likes to play every now and then at the best online casino games. He likes them more then going to a Las Vegas casino. Many online casinos offer special deals and promotions, not like Russell Crow will need them. He nevertheless prefers a great online casino bonus which helps him get closer to the jackpot. Although he doesn't actually need the money, he donates everything he wins to charity.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth still going strong

Miley Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray, and her real Aussie love interest Liam Hemsworth are reportedly still smitten with each other. Both of the young starlets believe the reason the relationship will last is because they have many common interests - acting, going to the beach, gambling at a casino online (roulette), among other things. Since they are both underage for Vegas and thus might have problems playing at casino slots is a perfect choice for this cute couple.

Baby boy for Spider-Man Maguire

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE and his jewellery designer wife JENNIFER MEYER are celebrating after becoming parents to a baby boy.

Sevigny has her sights set on casino action

Actress CHLOE SEVIGNY has publicly insisted she does not have a gambling problem, but does like to play at an online casino on occasion. Chloe said that she would donate all the money if she hits the jackpot. She has also proven herself to be quite a good poker player at this year's Superstars of Poker 1 hour free play event in Las Vegas.

Auction to win role opposite Hanks

A theatre company in conjuction with one of the best French casinos en ligne is auctioning off a speaking role in a play alongside TOM HANKS and RITA WILSON. The play tells a story of a person who falls in love with uk casino bonus offers and ends up living his life soley from his apartment. We think this should be an interesting story as well as a very topical one as the popularity of the online casino industry has seen rapid growth over the past 10 years.

Lowe and Winfrey's homes safe from fire

Celebrities in California including ROB LOWE and OPRAH WINFREY can breath a sigh of relief - moist air from the Pacific Ocean has the tamed wildfires that burned down 80 houses in the state.
In a statement by Oprah she said, "I was just sitting eating a cheeseburger and playing my favourite online casino games, when I could see the bush fire smoke...so scary!" Let's hope she got a good bonus to play with.
I wonder which casino online she was playing at ...

Farrow's disappointment at fast failure

MIA FARROW is disappointed she failed to finish her 21-day fast (reportedly sponsored by French casino en ligne Casino Action)- but insists a doctor's warning she could suffer seizures forced her to end nine days early.

Casino Event roles out the red Carpet

As a promotion for their newest games a Las Vegas casino together with an online casino have held a huge celebrity event in Las Vegas. They have invited only the creme de la creme of Hollywood and the turn out was incredibe. One celebrity after the next walked along th ered carpet, showing off their newest dresses and partners. Some have admitted that they like to play at a casino online quite regularly and are looking forward to the new games presented at the show. Some serious gambling was going on after the presentation with all money won and lost at the casino being donated for a good cause afterwards.

More VIP Casino Treatment for Celebrities

More and more casinos are starting VIP services for celebrities. Casinos in Las Vegas have special events targeting solely celebrities visiting Las Vegas. Other casino operators reserving the best hotel suits and other goods for their high-class guests. The competition for the best celebrities is strong since many casino establishments want to be seen as entertainment venues and use the celebrities in their advertisement.