How Celebrities Recover From Gambling Problems

Criticism, ridicule and scrutiny is among the things that comes with celebrity and fame, so said Gerald Gillum.

The life of celebrities is not all about romance and breakups, marriage and divorce, fitness, fashion and style, there is also gambling addiction.
Gambling, as much as it is a fun activity for a moment in time, it can put you between a rock and a hard place besides having you lay on a hot bed of fire when
it drives you to the brink of brokenness, loss and into the open arms of drugs for solace.

Gambling addiction is more or less portrayed as an ingrown disease where a person has an uncontrollable desire to engage in gambling which leads to loss of
productive time and money.
In the end, there is a disruption of the person’s life, relationships and careers. So when you are about to venture into the depths of how celebrities recover from
gabling problems, you should take the example of people like our favorite batman ben Affleck, Michael Jordan, nelly, Shannon Elizabeth among other victims
and victors.

Phases of gambling addiction

– Winning phase

Major big wins or a series of winning streaks seems to be the motivation for most gamblers in the game to get keep them hooked.
This is due to the illusion that they will continue winning and therefore get richer from gabling. It ends within a short period of time but winning can still occur
throughout the rest of the phases.

– Losing phase
This occurs when the debts begin to grow. Large amounts of money are borrowed from friends, families and even illegal sources in pursuit for the wins. Any
attempts to quit brings them right back.

– Desperation phase
Most of the time in this phase is spend on betting or the search for the money to bet with.
The thrill here comes from just placing the bet, not winning or losing as more wins only means more betting which may lead to alienation from family and
friend, involvement in illegal acts, desperation feels and even suicidal thoughts.

Side effects of gambling addiction

Addicted person
– Preoccupation
– Denial
– Loss of control
– Tolerance
– Legal problems

Loved ones
– Pain
– Alienation
– Helpless
– Financial strain

How celebrities recover from gambling problems

Rehabilitation as a treatment for gambling addiction may include therapy, medication or self-help groups.
This method has worked for a number of celebrities who were bold enough to admit their faults and gambling addiction and accept help from friends and family.
For instance, when Affleck realized that he was slipping into the hollowness of addiction, he turned to his ex-wife for help and family members who checked
him in a rehab, have covered this topic extensively.

Charlie sheen also followed the same road of rehab after alcohol, poker and ill behaviors led him into acting out which costed him his career, family and social

Gladys knight, as per her biography represents the females who with time in found the depth of rock bottom with the addiction to baccarat and sports betting.
She was strong enough to stay away from drugs and alcohol but her dimes and dollars suffered the hard blow of addiction until she sought help from a group
that specifies in gambling addiction rehabilitation.

Gambling addiction does not discriminate against victims and prey. When it hits you, you can either be a victim and be content with it or overcome it and be a
When it happens, pain to our loved ones is inevitable and loss is the hell in it but in the end, it doesn’t matter how far off you will have fallen, what matters is
what you are willing to do about it.

The recovery process will start once you admit of the addiction and seek to be helped.

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