Can You Make A Living From Online Gambling?

When you hear of online gambling the first question that pops into your mind is, can I really make good money from it? My answer is yes. Yes you can make good money from it, you can even make a living out of it. Online gambling is all about game selection and application of skills or just mere luck. The most common online gambling games are like sports betting, casino games and skill based games. Many players would tell you that YES, you can make a living from gambling or online gambling. Some do! I’ve made a bit of research and found out many players have won playing slot machines. I am a beginner so wanted to find out more about slot machines and how do they work. I am now able to understand better the entertainment provided by these games thanks to that provided me with simple but yet useful information. Anyway, for the time being, let’s face them one by one can see how you can make it:

Casino games and skill based games

An example of this game is poker [card games]. The fact that these games are online is an added advantage as they tend to attract both pros and amateurs. When a pro plays against an amateur, the possibility of winning is 80:20. This means that the amateur will lose a couple of rounds but out of the lost games will gain a learning experience and a chance to become a pro too.
For a person who has played in casinos all their life, it’s hard to understand how online casinos work. The thing you need to know is that online casinos are operated differently from land casinos. Slots for online casinos are generated randomly through algorithmic calculations. This makes it easier for someone who understands the calculations to predict the outcome. It gets even better; you do not have to make a perfect prediction to win as your prediction just has to be next to perfect.

These online casinos offer a welcome discount for all new players which in most cases is activated after first deposit. Other players also received weekly bonuses. Deposits and withdraws are easily made through visa, wireless networks etc. However, withdrawals can only be made on working days and a withdrawal of more than $5000 is paid in installments. Some of us may argue about the legitimacy of these sites but the truth is they have taken a step against fraud by requesting identification of players and even accounts used to pay the deposits. This ensures that the playing grounds are fare. The more you participate in these games the more you climb the levels up to the VIP. VIPs offers more bonuses, spins, cash backs and gadgets. Want more details? I found one of the top site, giving many information, tips and guidelines. Check to get familiar with the offers available these days.

Sports betting

This is gambling on the teams that are going to win or lose in a game and by what score. It is the most common of online gambling. People prefer to place more money on sport betting that any other form of online gambling. But the big question here is how do you make a living from sports betting?
1. Know your sports well: if you planning on concentrating on one type of sports don’t watch matches learn them. Choose a sport that you know you can easily understand. You can also decide to gamble with more than two sports.
2. Don’t bet according to the love for the team. Your favorite team won’t always win and this is not a show of your loyalty to the team but a race to bank rolls. Also don’t base it on the praise given to players. A team may not have one of the famously known players but still win. It’s all about the odds.
3. Placing a lot of money on the same games gives you a better chance of winning than placing small amounts for a lot of games.
4. You also need to choose the best moment. This is because it’snot “best odds guaranteed” thus best to place your bets in one day. Bookies tend to enhance prices at times, of which if you are not in shop you would not know about.
5. Following less popular sports will cash in better than following sports that are too common.
6. Another way to win that money is through arbitrage. This is betting on both teams through different bookies hence the game is a win for you on either side.

Some examples of people who have bagged a lot of money from online gambling are like:

NiklasHeinecker who earned 6.3 million dollars from online poker.
Tom Dwan who earned 750,000 dollars from online poker.

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