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The Top Poker Tournaments You Should Check Out In 2019

Year in year out, players all over the world wait eagerly for some of the most prestigious poker tournaments. These tournaments offer a chance to win some good amount of money. This year also offers some of the top poker tournaments you should check out for in 2019. Definitely, you do not want to miss out of them. If you have been gearing up for these tournaments, it is your time to show your prowess and outsmart those competing against you. However, it will not be that easy, since you will be going up against some of the best poker players. You just have to be up to the task for you to sail through successful. If you’re new to poker games or tournaments it could be a good idea to get some trips and a good training. canadiancasinoreview.com/ is a great site to check for more info and discover the latest poker games!

It is evident that 2019 poker tournaments are so unique and obviously more competitive than those in the previous years. Below are some of the things to be witnessed in this year’s poker tournaments:

More money to be won

Obviously, the money to be won will be more than that of last year. There will be more millions to be won and made. This should come as good news to poker lovers. You can easily walk away very rich. You just have to sign up for the tournaments and let your poker prowess make you rich. Be ready to go up against the best.


The tournament will see more poker players come up against each other. It is going to be more competitive and interesting. This realization just spices up the upcoming poker tournaments. Definitely, you need to be part of these big poker competitions coming right up. You have a chance of learning a lot and winning a substantial amount of money. Make haste and book your slot and be counted among this year’s millionaires. It is possible. You could practice a bit with https://www.topcasinobewertungen.de and improve your strategy.

The wide variety of poker tournaments

It is just not one big poker tournament, instead, a series of them. This just increases the chances of winning a lot of money. Poker enthusiasts are in fact going to be occupied the entire year. It is a year of making a good chunk of money. Be prepared and sign up for as many tournaments you want. Some of the top poker tournaments you should check out in 2019 include the following:

• Monsterstack Madness

• WSOP Circuit-Coconut Creek

• Mid-States Poker Tour-MSPT Iowa

• 2019 Parx Poker Big Stax XXVII Tournament

• Heartland Poker Tour

• AJPC Samurai High Roller

Take that initiative of registering for the above tournaments and you will be in for a great treat. There are a lot of prizes to be won in terms of money. You never know, this might be your year of reaping big from Poker. You just have to be bold enough and show up for these tournaments. Stay tuned for more tournament releases, www.nettikasinobonukset.eu said they would soon hit the poker industry with big new!


Poker tournaments have a lot to offer apart from cash. They also provide that chance of learning more about this money-making game. Your skill will be enhanced by the knowledge collected from each tournament you participate in. In fact, this year has a wide variety of these tournaments you can make the most out of. Just find out which one suits you and show up. …

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Can You Make A Living From Online Gambling?

When you hear of online gambling the first question that pops into your mind is, can I really make good money from it? My answer is yes. Yes you can make good money from it, you can even make a living out of it. Online gambling is all about game selection and application of skills or just mere luck. The most common online gambling games are like sports betting, casino games and skill based games. Many players would tell you that YES, you can make a living from gambling or online gambling. Some do! I’ve made a bit of research and found out many players have won playing slot machines. I am a beginner so wanted to find out more about slot machines and how do they work. I am now able to understand better the entertainment provided by these games thanks to https://yukon-goldcasino.com/ that provided me with simple but yet useful information. Anyway, for the time being, let’s face them one by one can see how you can make it:

Casino games and skill based games

An example of this game is poker [card games]. The fact that these games are online is an added advantage as they tend to attract both pros and amateurs. When a pro plays against an amateur, the possibility of winning is 80:20. This means that the amateur will lose a couple of rounds but out of the lost games will gain a learning experience and a chance to become a pro too.
For a person who has played in casinos all their life, it’s hard to understand how online casinos work. The thing you need to know is that online casinos are operated differently from land casinos. Slots for online casinos are generated randomly through algorithmic calculations. This makes it easier for someone who understands the calculations to predict the outcome. It gets even better; you do not have to make a perfect prediction to win as your prediction just has to be next to perfect.

These online casinos offer a welcome discount for all new players which in most cases is activated after first deposit. Other players also received weekly bonuses. Deposits and withdraws are easily made through visa, wireless networks etc. However, withdrawals can only be made on working days and a withdrawal of more than $5000 is paid in installments. Some of us may argue about the legitimacy of these sites but the truth is they have taken a step against fraud by requesting identification of players and even accounts used to pay the deposits. This ensures that the playing grounds are fare. The more you participate in these games the more you climb the levels up to the VIP. VIPs offers more bonuses, spins, cash backs and gadgets. Want more details? I found one of the top site, giving many information, tips and guidelines. Check www.canadiangamblingchoice.com to get familiar with the offers available these days.

Sports betting

This is gambling on the teams that are going to win or lose in a game and by what score. It is the most common of online gambling. People prefer to place more money on sport betting that any other form of online gambling. But the big question here is how do you make a living from sports betting?
1. Know your sports well: if you planning on concentrating on one type of sports don’t watch matches learn them. Choose a sport that you know you can easily understand. You can also decide to gamble with more than two sports.
2. Don’t bet according to the love for the team. Your favorite team won’t always win and this is not a show of your loyalty to the team but a race to bank rolls. Also don’t base it on the praise given to players. A team may not have one of the famously known players but still win. It’s all about the odds.
3. Placing a lot of money on the same games gives you a better chance of winning than placing small amounts for a lot of games.
4. You also need to choose the best moment. This is because it’snot “best odds guaranteed” thus best to place your bets in one day. Bookies tend to enhance prices at times, of which if you are not in shop you would not know about.
5. Following less popular sports will cash in better than following sports that are too common.
6. Another way to win that money is through arbitrage. This is betting on both teams through different bookies hence the game is a win for you on either side.

Some examples of people who have bagged a lot of money from online gambling are like:

NiklasHeinecker who earned 6.3 million dollars from online poker.
Tom Dwan who earned 750,000 dollars from online poker.…

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Why Gambling is so Popular

Why is Gambling so popular? This is a question most people ask themselves. The popularity of gambling has continued to grow over time. In the past, only a few people used to gamble, and it was done as past time. Today, gambling has become more accessible to people, and more ways have been devised to place bets. Be it playing lotto, roulette or placing a bet on your favourite team, the excitement of gambling never seems to go away. With that said, here are reasons why gambling is so prevalent today.

1. People want to back their teams and their idols
With the coming of Sports betting, gambling has become even more popular. Sports enthusiasts have now turned to gambling. More people gamble because they can now back their teams while they make some money. Advertising agencies also use celebrities to promote gambling. This adds to the excitement where followers of these celebrities start gambling to be like their idols.

2. Its associated with glamour
Gambling sites associate gambling with glamour in their advertisements. They use characters that have a stylish lifestyle to portray a fashionable nature of gambling. You will see the gamblers having a nice time at the casino or taking part in exciting activities like watching their favourite sports. Also, people who win big from gambling get extensive coverage. These people are shown to leave a stylish life after their big wins. People start betting to win big like them thus making gambling more attractive.

3. Opportunity to make money
Most people view gambling as an opportunity to make money. They believe gambling is not a matter of luck alone, but more of having a strategic plan. Most gamblers will tell you there are many people who have made successful careers in gambling. Also, there are many sites online that convince people that they can make money by gambling. Such sites have made gambling attractive especially among people without a source of income.

4. Loyalty programs
Online casinos also offer loyalty programs to encourage customers to play more. Loyalty programs like referral bonuses encourage customers to recruit more players. This strategy makes gambling even more prevelant among peers as they recruit others. It is important to find a loyalty program that suits you as much as it is important to read good reviews about online casinos. We find that onlinecasinosguidelines was very helpful.

5. Acceptable by law
Gambling is legal in most countries. In fact, most states are libertarian when it comes to gambling. This has created a friendly environment for gambling activities. It has also seen the growth of the gambling industry with many casinos being built in major cities and towns. Today, gambling has also been accepted as part of many countries’ culture. In some, people get introduced to gambling at a young age by playing cards with family and friends. This has made a big part of the population to anticipate gambling and thereby making it acceptable. The Indian government is a great example as it has recently allowed Indian players to gamble legally for the first time in its history! Players can now register through sites such as https://clickonlinecasinos.com and more.

6. Availability of Online Gambling
In the past, most people kept away from gambling because they disliked the idea of going to the casino. Some could not find time in their busy schedules to go to the casino, while others were embarrassed to visit a casino and place a bet. Online gambling has however revolutionised gambling making it more efficient and accessible. Most people can now bet at the comfort of their homes. This has made gambling popular among people of different ages and gender. Internet gambling is also made simple for starters thanks to sites like canadiangamblingchoice.com/ that we found really great. Most gambling sites have easy to follow guidelines that make it easy to open accounts and gamble for almost anyone.

Finally, gambling has continued to grow and is expected to keep growing immensely. Even those who don’t gamble know a thing about it. This shows just how much popular gambling has become in the society today.…

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How Celebrities Recover From Gambling Problems

Criticism, ridicule and scrutiny is among the things that comes with celebrity and fame, so said Gerald Gillum.

The life of celebrities is not all about romance and breakups, marriage and divorce, fitness, fashion and style, there is also gambling addiction.
Gambling, as much as it is a fun activity for a moment in time, it can put you between a rock and a hard place besides having you lay on a hot bed of fire when
it drives you to the brink of brokenness, loss and into the open arms of drugs for solace.

Gambling addiction is more or less portrayed as an ingrown disease where a person has an uncontrollable desire to engage in gambling which leads to loss of
productive time and money.
In the end, there is a disruption of the person’s life, relationships and careers. So when you are about to venture into the depths of how celebrities recover from
gabling problems, you should take the example of people like our favorite batman ben Affleck, Michael Jordan, nelly, Shannon Elizabeth among other victims
and victors.

Phases of gambling addiction

– Winning phase

Major big wins or a series of winning streaks seems to be the motivation for most gamblers in the game to get keep them hooked.
This is due to the illusion that they will continue winning and therefore get richer from gabling. It ends within a short period of time but winning can still occur
throughout the rest of the phases.

– Losing phase
This occurs when the debts begin to grow. Large amounts of money are borrowed from friends, families and even illegal sources in pursuit for the wins. Any
attempts to quit brings them right back.

– Desperation phase
Most of the time in this phase is spend on betting or the search for the money to bet with.
The thrill here comes from just placing the bet, not winning or losing as more wins only means more betting which may lead to alienation from family and
friend, involvement in illegal acts, desperation feels and even suicidal thoughts.

Side effects of gambling addiction

Addicted person
– Preoccupation
– Denial
– Loss of control
– Tolerance
– Legal problems

Loved ones
– Pain
– Alienation
– Helpless
– Financial strain

How celebrities recover from gambling problems

Rehabilitation as a treatment for gambling addiction may include therapy, medication or self-help groups.
This method has worked for a number of celebrities who were bold enough to admit their faults and gambling addiction and accept help from friends and family.
For instance, when Affleck realized that he was slipping into the hollowness of addiction, he turned to his ex-wife for help and family members who checked
him in a rehab, bestonlinecasino.bet have covered this topic extensively.

Charlie sheen also followed the same road of rehab after alcohol, poker and ill behaviors led him into acting out which costed him his career, family and social

Gladys knight, as per her biography represents the females who with time in found the depth of rock bottom with the addiction to baccarat and sports betting.
She was strong enough to stay away from drugs and alcohol but her dimes and dollars suffered the hard blow of addiction until she sought help from a group
that specifies in gambling addiction rehabilitation.

Gambling addiction does not discriminate against victims and prey. When it hits you, you can either be a victim and be content with it or overcome it and be a
When it happens, pain to our loved ones is inevitable and loss is the hell in it but in the end, it doesn’t matter how far off you will have fallen, what matters is
what you are willing to do about it.

The recovery process will start once you admit of the addiction and seek to be helped.…

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Celebrities Who Have Gambling Problems

Celebrities seem to have just about everything – talent, handsome looks, not to mention money. However, we have come across quite a few celebs who have been addicted to gambling during their lifetime. But one question might lurk in our mind: why celebrities have gambling problems? The answer to this question is rather simple. What would you do in case you had sufficient money in the bank? You would have the propensity to spend a significant portion of the cash for something you like including purchasing a condo or even a private jet. The same is true in case of the celebrities as well.

These gifted individuals are endowed with more than adequate funds which they tend to spend in some way or other. We have even known some celebrities who have ended up purchasing their
favorite sports team. Other celebs have made significant donations for charitable causes. In the same way, some of them have been indulged in gambling as well. In the following paragraphs, we will mention several celebrities who have resorted to gambling during their lifetime.

1. Tiger Woods
We all know this talented golf prodigy for his misbehaviors both on and off the course. He is probably the most gifted player on earth when it comes to golf, and has likewise an inclination for making big bets as well. It has been rumored that this great athlete bets as much as $30,000 per hand in blackjack and had a betting limit of $1 million imposed by the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

2. Charlie Sheen
We have known this great actor for his numerous vices which include drinking, womanizing, not to mention substance abuse. Consequently, it is hardly surprising that Denise Richards (the former wife of the actor) has claimed that Sheen used to expend in excess of $2,00,000 every week thanks to his severe addiction to gambling.

In this great article : https://www.worldcasinosguide.com/best-casinos-uk/, world casinos guide review gambling addiction and how celebrities have managed to get help.

3. Michael Jordan
There are a handful of individuals on this planet who have not heard of this basketball genius during his or her lifetime. However, in spite of stealing the limelight while playing for Chicago Bulls, he could not avoid devoting his time and money behind gambling. He even admitted of losing more than $1,50,000 in the year 1993 while gambling in Atlantic City. Moreover, Jordan even ended up losing as much as $1.25 million to a businessman based in San Diego as well. As a matter of fact, gambling was responsible to a great extent for his retirement from the game prematurely.

4. Pamela Anderson
We all know this sizzling lady for her famous and seductive acting in quite a few films as well as television serials. However, she is yet another celebrity who is seriously addicted to gambling. It has been stated that Anderson even lost a quarter of a million while playing poker in just one single night.

5. Matt Damon
Perhaps you remember the movie Rounders which was released way back in 1998. In that particular film, Matt Damon who was playing the role of Mikey helps his friend to make a considerable amount of money from the poker table so as to help him clear his loans. However, in his actual life, the actor is also known to play poker on a regular basis and is connected to an illegal gambling ring as well. He has been seen playing in lavish hotels as well as private residences along with other fellow actors including Leonardo di Caprio and Ben Affleck.

Some Finnish Celebrities are well known for their gambling addiction. Luckily anyone can find help through a responsible gambling service such as the one parhaatkasinosivut offers.…

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